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3 tips for managing millenials


Hmpphhhh. So Smith and Associates finally bit the digital bullet and we hired our first social media intern, Lilith. Smart gal. Smarter than me about most things, it seems. But I’ve learned a lot from her already. Not just from Lilith, but from having to manage her. Turns out that managing millennials in the workplace is a different kind of beast. I’ve already compiled a couple of tips to help other managers and HR departments learn how managing millennials is a different.


3 tips for managing Millennials


  1. Give them some structure in the workplace. Many youngsters didn’t grow up with the structure my generation had, so many of them don’t understand or respond to the typical 9 to 5 mentality. But even still, work is work. There are deadlines to be met. Meetings to be held. Giving millennials an agenda to stick to is very helpful in ensuring projects run as smoothly as possible. Provide guidance too. They can learn as much from older workers as we can from them. 

  2. Learn from the Millennial’s ability to network. Most millennial employees not only work good in a team, but they also are really smart about linking to others electronically. They are loyal, but they like to keep all the doors open for them. They are great at multitasking too. (Bred mostly from all that electronic gaming they probably grew up on.) Giving Lilith multiple tasks at the office doesn’t seem to phase her a bit. In fact, it keeps her from being bored. 

  3. Encourage their "can-do" attitudes. Millennials believe this new world is made for them, and it is. They have been encouraged by their parents and it shows. I say don’t squash that good attitude. There’s enough bad karma flowing through most workplaces, so enjoy the fresh perspectives.


Just doing those three things can really make your workplace more welcoming to millennials and more productive for everyone. Stay tuned. I share more as we progress. More to come.

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