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Saturday Smoothies! Spring edition (kale recipe smoothie included)

Ok, so I am biting the bullet and I’m finally going on a body cleanse. My roommates all think I’m out of my mind, but spring is coming and I want to lose a few pounds. (I really hate being the only health-conscious one in the house.)

Anyway, I have found the perfect body detox smoothies that are delicious and will help you shed both the toxins and the pounds. I’m including two recipes here, because as I discovered to my surprise, Kale recipes and Kale smoothies are not for everyone.

Regardless, my first smoothie recipe is a delightful and delicious Kale smoothie that will have you looking great in no time. I’m following it with some easier to love and “just as healthy” smoothie recipes that will have you glowing in no time. Two delicious spring smoothie recipes (yes one is Kale)

Ok, so let’s start with a kale recipe smoothie that will blow your taste buds out of thee water. (If they’ve been conditioned to Kale, that is.) Here we go: This recipe actually came from a real live health coach, so don’t just take my word for it. It’s call “All Hale Kale” (but my doubtful roomies called it “Aw Hell, Kale.”)

Take my word for it, it’s delicious and it lives up to its healthy reputation as one of the best kale recipes or healthy smoothie recipes out there right now.

  • All Hail the KALE

  • This delightful and delish recipe serves 2 peeps.

  • One half apple

  • One quarter avocado

  • One quarter cucumber

  • One half lemonCilantro to taste

  • One cup Kale

  • One half inch of ginger

  • One half cup of delightful coconut water

  • One scoop of your favorite protein powder (I like hemp, my roomies like Muscle Milk vanilla, go figure)

  • Water to taste/thickness

The next step?

Pour it all in a blender and BLEND!

One delicious Kale recipe you will be glad you discovered.

Ok, now for one more smoothie recipes you’ll love in anticipation to spring. This one is easier because it has the sweet/tangy taste of berry. I call it:

Berry Bliss

So this delicious and detoxing smoothie is made mostly from delightful berries.

It goes like this: (Serves two roomies, btw.)

  • One cup of raspberries

  • Three quarter cups of almond milkTablespoon of honeyTeaspoon of flaxseedTwo teaspoons of grated ginger

  • Two teaspoons of lemon juice

Instructions: Throw it all into a blender and blend until smooth

You’ll be glad you did. It has only 100 calories, no saturated fat and some good fiber and protein too.

That’s it for my first “Smoothie Saturday.” I hope you’ll follow me and join me and my friends for the ride.

Cheers. Lilith

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