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Spring Smoothie Recipe, Mango Style

Spring Cleanse Addition Ready to get your glow on with a healthy spring smoothie recipe? I am. (But I’m the only one in the house that is.) I guess my healthy habits are starting to drive my roomies crazy.

Chris, Camp and Mery try to get on board with my cauliflower crust pizza, but ultimately they just want something from Pizza Hut. I get it. But this smoothie recipe is sure to win the gang over. It’s time for spring cleanse recipes, and even though this smooth is super healthy, you’d never think of it that way. It’s simply delicious. With the sweetness of Mango, the healthy benefits of coconut water and a touch of turmeric and mint, this smoothie does the trick for both health nuts and anyone who likes a fruit smoothie.

So here we go. Pretty simple. Just put it in a blender, beautiful people. Follow the gang on facebook and keep up with my recipes. And check the rest of this site out too! You’re the best. Cheers for now.

Mango Mixer

1.5 cups frozen mango

1 cup coconut water

¼ teaspoon of turmeric

1 tablespoon chopped mint

¼ teaspoon stevia (for a touch more sweetness)

Blend together and drink while cold. Totally refreshing and healthy. You’ll be glowing.

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